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Stack of losing b2b information
Industry Issues

Lost B2B Information?

Why Do You Lose Important B2B Information? We all know that information is critical to modern business operations. Running an organization is all about making decisions based on accurate information delivered at the right time and to the right person. When you lose critical b2b information due to

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Man resolving supplier quality issue

Top 6 Supplier Quality Issues

The world of quality management is incredibly complex. Though technology makes our jobs easier and faster to do, there are limitations to the impact that even the best technology has. One of the most common limitations of EDI and B2B Collaboration technology is that it’s just not accessible

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Green mailbox on the wall for receiving PDF Purchase Orders
Purchasing and Procurement

Problematic PDF Purchase Orders and Other Business Documents

Have you ever thought about what life would be like if everyday objects were entirely different from what we know? What if nobody had invented silverware? What if there was no telephone? How about if nobody ever invented the camera or the PDF? These are all examples of

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Quality professional looking for quality issues

The Out of Specification Parts Closet

How do we solve this issue?  We examine the root that bears the fruit. From where do these quality issues come? Once we identify the root cause of the problem, we can take steps to avoid the issue altogether. The result is putting the money you spend on

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Shipping barge approaching the dock
Best Practices and Techniques

Supply Chain Management and B2B Collaboration

Supply chain management is all about continuous improvement. Since the industrial revolution, managers have been trying to figure out ways to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the process of producing goods for customers. The underlying goal is some combination of increasing quality, increasing speed of production, or saving

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